Chilled Vanilla Mousse with Raspberry Coulis Recipe

How to make chilled vanilla mousse with raspberry coulis recipe - It seems like what people said about the Vanilla readiness on North America is not a figment thing. We have just going a trip with our team lurking around from one café to another, just to find how much we can spot the Vanilla cakes, crèmes or ice cream to be kept in every café’s menu as the dessert or a snack. 

Apart from the crowd that people always talk about in New York, apparently the taste of their peculiar vanilla is out of question to debate or in a nutshell, it is the finest one among the States. When we get into one café in the busiest street in Manhattan, we got melted to witness how great the taste of chilled vanilla mousse with raspberry coulis they serve there. The busy time of the café make us to wait longer to be able to ask the manager to let us in to see how well their crème’s maker to make it. 

You will need:
300 ml (10 fl.oz) whipping cream
15 g (½ oz) gelatine (leaf if possible)
150 g (5 ½ oz) pasteurised eggs
120 g (4 oz) caster sugar
a few drops of vanilla essence
360 g (13 oz) fresh raspberries
60 g (2 oz) icing sugar
Fresh mint leaves 
Chilled Vanilla Mousse with Raspberry Coulis Recipe

How to make the mousse

  1. Beat the whipping cream until just before piping consistency
  2. Soak the gelatine in cold water, lift out the wet leaves and melt over a gentle heat.
  3. Beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla until they are white and stiff, and beat in the melted gelatine.
  4. Quickly fold in the whipped cream and spoon into individual greased cake rings. Level the tops and leave to set. 

How to make the coulis

  1. Select the best raspberries for decoration (about 6-8 for each mousse).
  2. Liquidise the remaining fruit and blend in most of the icing sugar: When smooth and shiny, strain to remove the pips.
  3. Place each mousse on a plate, run a small knife blade around the mould and lift off carefully
  4. Arrange the raspberries on the top of each mousse and pour the raspberry coulis around the outside. 
  5. Decorate with a mint leaf to finish. 
Actually there are other than chilled vanilla mousse with raspberry coulis that we able to share here. The other one white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce is also one of their mainstay, but we only able to see one of them. We’ll share other good dessert once we get back from our journey. Do not hesitate to let us know your questions regarding this recipe, we will give you the extra tips and explanations about this mousse if necessary. Stay tune with us to know the latest recipe post we will share in this site. See you guys! 
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